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Be Both A Learner And A Creator

Employees are the company's greatest asset, and training is the company's best welfare.

The company is committed to creating a happy and loving atmosphere dedicated to creating a culture of continuous learning and continuous improvement,

so that the quality and ability of employees can be rapidly improved while achieving income growth.

position education work experience salary release time
Sales Elite Bachelor 5-10 year 5000 2019-10-31

1. Responsible for the expansion of business, the collection of information by customers, and the completion of the purchase order of storefronts.

2. Establish a sales team based on the company's sales plan and policies, actively develop high-end customers and complete sales tasks;

3. Pay close attention to market information and competitive brand dynamics, and make timely response measures;

4. Work together to improve customer loyalty and reduce old customer churn rate;

Shop Workers College 1-3 year 6000 2019-10-31
Security Personnel High School Unlimited 3500 2019-10-31

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